Basic Process

  1. Select a Space/Facility
    Browse the options from the home page, or use "Find a Space" to select a space/facility that meets your needs.
  2. Submit a Facility Use Request
    From within the space/facility page, click on the "Request Facility Use" button to start an application. (If you do not already have an account on the website, you will be prompted to create one.) Provide all of the necessary information, as indicated.
  3. Wait for Approval and Pricing
    Your application will be automatically routed through the appropriate district staff members for their review and approval. If your application is approved, you will be notified and provided with final pricing and a Facility Use Agreement, and you will also be notified if insurance coverage is required.
  4. Accept the Facility Use Agreement and Submit Payment
    Read through the Facility Use Agreement carefully, including all of the policies and terms. You must also provide payment for the "Total Fees" amount and authorize the "Deposit" amount in order to accept the agreement and confirm your rental.
  5. Provide Documents, if Necessary
    If the district has indicated that insurance is necessary, or asks for verification of nonprofit status or anything else, you must upload the necessary documentation at least 24 hours in advance of your rental.
  6. Enjoy Your Rental!
    Please bring a printed copy of your Facility Use Agreement with you when you are on district property in case you are asked to present it to district staff. Please also remember to leave the space/facility as you found it!
  7. Receive Notice of Final Charges
    District staff will perform an audit to determine if any funds should be claimed from the authorized "Desposit" amount. Approximately three (3) days after your rental concludes, you will receive notification of final charges, including any "Deposit Claim," if necessary.

Application Status

If all goes smoothly...

Draft Saved You have begun to fill out your application and the information has been saved but has not yet been submitted for review.

Submitted Your application has been successfully submitted to the district and is awaiting review and approval.

Under Review District staff have begun to review your application.

Approved / Avaiting Your Confirmation The district has approved your application and provided you with pricing and terms. Now you must decide if you would like to accept the Facility Use Agreement and make your payment (if payment is required).

Confirmed You have accepted the Facility Use Agreement and made the necessary payments, and now your rental is confirmed.

Event Completed The rental has concluded and now the event is under review by the district for any necessary charges against your deposit.

Transaction Completed The district has processed any charges against your deposit claim and the entire transaction has concluded.

If there are any bumps in the road...

Withdrawn You chose to withdraw the application after it was submitted but before it was confirmed.

Denied Your application was denied by the district.

Cancelled by You You cancelled the rental after it was confirmed.

Cancelled by District The district cancelled the rental after it was confirmed.

Multi-Day and Recurring Activities

If you would like to request this space for a recurring activity, you can do one of two things:

  1. Request and pay for each date individually.
    If you need to request five (5) or fewer dates in total, or you would like to pay for each date individually, we recommend submitting one application per date. The website makes it easy to replicate an application so you do not need to re-enter the information. Simply save or submit an application for your first date, then click on "Facility Use Requests," and click on the replicate button next to your first application. The information will be copied to a new application and you simply need to change the "Event Name" (e.g., "Craft Workshop, Day 2") and the "Start Date/Time" and "End Date/Time" fields.
  2. Request multiple dates with one application.
    If you choose this method, as demonstrated in the image below, all dates will be reviewed and approved (or rejected) at once. You will also have to pay for all included dates at once, at the time of confirmation. The deposit audit will be conducted after the "End Date/Time." and the "Deposit Claim" will be processed for all included dates. For this reason, we recommend limiting your application to no more than one (1) month of dates and no more than ten (10) unique dates. (That is, you may want to submit one application for all dates in January, provided that you are requesting no more than 10 dates within the month of January.)

Pricing and Payments

Rate Tiers/Groups

The district sets different baseline prices for each space/facility for each of four different user group types:

  • Group A. District-Sponsored
    District-sponsored student educational activities including curricular and co-curricular groups and activities (i.e., athletics, dances, before and after school programs, PTA, etc.
  • Group B. Youth Activities
    Organizations whose main purposes are to promote the welfare of District students.
  • Group C. Nonprofit
    Nonprofit organizations or groups which might wish to use school facilities for lectures, activities, religious functions, rallies, entertainment, college courses or other activities.
  • Group D. Commerical/Private
    Commercial businesses, profit-making, and private interest groups.
The fee schedule is reviewed and revised annually as appropriate. If your and/or your group are new to district facility use, you may be ask for proof or verification of status, history, and/or intent if applying as Group A, B, or C.

Final Pricing

The prices displayed on the website are the baseline prices, and do not include fees for services that are determined on a case-by-case basis. Final pricing will be provided after an application is reviewed and approved, and will likely include additional fees, such as those for custodial services and food services.

Payment Processing

In order to confirm an approved rental, you must provide payment via credit or debit card for "Total Fees" amount. Payment is processed and collected in full at the time of confirmation and is subject to the cancellation and refund policies included in the Rule and Regulations and Facility Use Agreement.


After the district approves your application, you will receive complete pricing and terms, including a deposit amount to cover any unforeseen costs, damages, overages, etc. When you provide payment for the "Total Fees" amount, you will also authorize the deposit. After the rental concludes and the district has time to evaluate the rental, the district will determine if any funds should be kept from the Deposit, and your card will be charged if necessary. You will be notified within 72 hours hours of the rental's conclusion of this charge against the deposit.


Cancelling a Confirmed Rental

To cancel a confirmed rental, simply sign in to the website, find the relevant facility use request, click on the "Agreement" tab, and click on the "Cancel Agreement" button at the very bottom. Clicking this button will cancel your rental immediately and open the space up for other users. Please note that refunds will depend on how far in advance you cancel your rental, as is specified in the agreement.


Cancellations must be made at least seven (7) days prior to the scheduled usage for a full refund or 48 hours prior to the scheduled usage for a partial refund. Partial refunds are determined at the discretion of the district based upon costs incurred and other factors.


After submitting an application, how long does it take to receive a decision from the district?

This depends on many things, including how big or complicated the activity is, if the application includes enough information to enable swift decisions, how many staff members need to weigh-in and provide approval, how many requests are coming in, how busy district staff members are, etc. Under the best circumstances, it might take three (3) to seven (7) business days, and could take as many as ten (10).

What if I have a question and would like to speak with someone from the district?

If you have already submitted an application, the best way to communicate with district staff is to open your application, click on the "Messages" tab, and send a message there, online. The appropriate staff member will see your message, reply, and you you will receive notification.

If you haven't yet submitted an application, you can contact the district's facilities department offline.

Can I pay with a check?

Sorry, checks are not accepted for rentals. To protect the district and you, rentals must be paid for online using a credit or debit card.